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Websites for Photographers

The one-stop solution for creating easy-to-use professional websites for photographers (or for personal and business websites) with all the latest features plus unlimited web space, mobile gallery and personal support included as standard.

Our exclusive photo gallery display system provides the ultimate viewing experience with multiple photo display options including drag-&-drop thumbnail galleries and slide shows.

The valuable lightbox feature allows your visitors to send their favourite photos to friends via email or Facebook, thereby helping to promote and market your work for free.

The Full Screen Slideshow option auto-resizes to fill any screen, and it works even on the iPad and iPhone, so you can present your work for maximum impact on all screen sizes.

The Page Editor  includes instant One Click Page Layouts, or you can create your own using the easy WYSIWYG editor. You can even insert coloured content panels, tabs and accordians anywhere on any page to create unlimited professional page layouts with ease.

The advanced Gallery Wizard makes uploading your photos and managing your galleries so easy, even for the complete novice.

Display your photography on all smart phones using our FREE Mobile Phone Gallery complete with auto-detection & full swipe capability.

Free mobile phone gallery



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Order your Free 10 Day Trial Website


A Selection of our latest Website designs for Photographers

You can view the full range of our website designs in the Template Gallery.
The title graphic will be replaced with a bespoke design for you, and all the colours and textures can be changed to your own preference.
All of the pages can be edited so that you can add your own text and photos anywhere on any page.

Click the thumbnails below to enlarge them.

Alpha Black Classic 1
Example home page using a simple full size photo.
Alpha White 13
Title photo montage. Coloured menu bar. Large photo below menu and page content added to footer section using instant one-click layout.
Alpha Texture 8
Title banner at top with photo montage in page banner section below menu. Page content added to both main page and footer sections using instant one-click layout. Colour texture background.
Alpha White 4
Photo montage below menu, and main page content added using instant one-click layout. White background.
Delta Black 6
Title banner added at top. Main page content added using instant one-click layout. Graduated background.
Delta Black 8
Photo montage added to page banner section. Page content added to both main page and footer section using instant one-click layout. Textured background.
Delta White 2
Main page content example added to main page and footer sections using instant one-click layout. Two tone background.
Delta White 5
Title banner at top with photo montage in page banner section. Main page content added using instant one-click layout.

Ready Made Page Layouts

All new websites come with a selection of instant page layouts that can be inserted into any page with ONE CLICK. Simply click on the one you want and you have a new page layout with placement text and images that you can replace with your own. This makes creating pages easier than ever.

For the experienced, you can also add your own page layouts using the range of tools available in the page editor, so you have unlimited options for any page design.

You can even duplicate pages that you have created yourself, complete with any images, text and forms that you have added, saving repetitive typing.

Instant Page Templates

Client Testimonials

Here are just a few of the many comments from satisfied customers.

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your work on my website - I think it looks amazing and I'm really pleased with it. I've had lots of positive feedback from a number of clients and friends, you have really nailed the brief of making it more professional looking!"
Peter Gammon Photography

"I have found Click It Internet to be a user-friendly, efficient and flexible means of creating, maintaining and developing a photography website. I like the fact that you can easily speak to somebody on the phone when you need support. They have helped me adapt my website as my business has developed, for example, helping me use a calendar to book workshops and have offered solutions for problems or new needs that have arisen. The functionality which the service offers in terms of blog, booking calendar, video capability is extremely good value. They keep up to date and their template update service helps you give your website a fresh look at minimum cost. They are a good long-term option."
Deirdre Huston

"The interface you use to edit and manage the website could not be simpler and is certainly far easier and far more versatile than any I had seen previously from competitors who advertise so widely. With the package cost you also have access to first rate help desk support. In the early days if I struggled over something a quick call or e-mail to Click IT quickly elicited a response and the guidance I needed. Since adopting it for my photos website I have recommended it to a friend who has a very different business proposition and Click IT have managed to provide her with an equally unique website with the same range of flexibility. This is a superb product and I really can’t recommend it highly enough."
Bob Brind-Surch Natures Photos

"From the conception of our purpose built gallery and tearoom it was always our aim to provide a high quality experience for visitors.
I had investigated various website options but had never been very inspired by what I found. A friend suggested I should check out Click IT Internet. I did, and it simply ticked all the boxes. The whole process was made easy by the very good online support and any queries we had were responded to extremely quickly. So if you are looking for unrivalled Content, Cost and Customer Service for your website, it’s got to be Click IT Internet. Go for it!"

Edwin Rendall - Wheeling Steen Gallery

"I am just writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new website.  It is completely user friendly and is exactly what I was looking for.  I'm still learning but all of the support materials have been great! I hope to spend some time this weekend adding more pages and setting up the slideshows but already it is looking really nice. Thanks for your excellent service, it really is a great product at a fabulous price."
Elisa Voros

"Just a line of thanks for your SEO work - it's absolutely amazing, people all over the country have been entering searches for me and my website comes up every time. A million thanks."
Joe Driver

"It's coming up to a week now the website has been live, and it's already paid for itself. I can't thank you enough for setting this site up for me. It really has made the business work. I have received nothing but praise for the website, how easy it is to navigate and the design is superb, it loads fast enough for people to find there pictures quickly and effortlessly. Bambu-Pix has only been trading for 3 weeks now and the web services you provide have made it so much easier."
Chris Fox

"When Yvonne was needing a website for her business to display her art I did quite a lot of looking about and comparing different offers and how they are structured in New Zealand, Aussie, USA and the UK. Now almost a year later, deciding it was time I got a website too I looked about again and I can honestly say that your £149 package and all that comes with it has to be the best I've found anywhere in the world! Even with the currency conversion into dollars it’s a really good deal. And I have been telling everyone I come across who might be looking for a website."
Des Pitfield

"I have been delighted with both the product and the service received since deciding to use click-it to design the website for our drama society. I'd recommend click-it to anyone - a superb product, at a very reasonable price."
Nevin Ward

"I would certainly recommend Click-IT. I'm a complete novice with web sites but I've done 4 now for my businesses using their facility and it's easy and instant once you get the hang of it! You can amend instantly, add anything at will, Pay Pal facility, you name it."
Jackie Oliver

"I have had two websites through Trevor. Each time the service was speedy, personal, and professional. Very cost effective and with extremely useful SEO advice included in the package. Overall Trevor has saved me £3,200 compared to the average cost of competitors."
Richard James Marketing

"Thank you again and excellent service, everything i wanted in response to one email :) I loaded my webpage and i was very pleased with the changes you made. Keeps it simple for me..."
Craig Crawford

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great service. I have especially appreciated your prompt replies and solutions to my requests. I enjoyed creating my website and found your system easy to understand and execute. Thanks Trevor for your commitment to service and your flexibility."
Yvonne de Mille

Future Proof Websites with Unlimited Photos, Galleries & Pages

future proof websitesA website that has a limit of a couple of thousand photos is worthless, which is why our service provides UNLIMITED photos, pages and galleries as standard (and at no extra charge), so you will never run out of space.

It also includes every added extra you could ever need included as standard. This means that you can start with just a few basic pages and galleries, and later expand your site at any time to include special modules for creating...
News - Guestbook - Enquiry & Booking Forms
- Links - Image of the Month - Blog etc etc.

There are many advanced features included as standard, such as Easy Tabs (like this one) which you can add to any page, plus Accordions and Content Panels (like the panels used on this page above). You can add slide shows of any size anywhere on any page (with or without thumbnails). You can also display individual images or groups of images that all enlarge when clicked (like our template examples on the first tab)  See the full list of features here.

Exclusive PopITLinX system

You also get our exclusive PopITLinX system at no extra cost.
This unique feature allows you to insert links to special pop-up pages anywhere on a page like this or display random images, slide-shows, payment buttons, text information and thumbnails that enlarge like the example template images above.

See more examples of our PopITLinX system here.

Personal Support

personal support

We provide direct and personal email support during business hours to all our clients throughout their stay with us. So, even if you have never had a website before, we are here to help you.

From setting the site up, we will help with everything from laying out your pages and creating galleries, to adding any of our extensive list of features and managing your emails etc. We even have and extensive support website and tutorial videos to help you get started.

Page Makeup Service

page make-up serviceFor those who simply don't have the time or inclination to add their own pages and/or galleries, we offer a page makeup service for only £3.95 per page/gallery required.

You simply send us the photos and text that you want to include on each page of your website, and the initial photos for any galleries, and we will set them up for you.

This guarantees you a professional website ready for launch in the fastest time possible.

Once we have constructed your pages and galleries you are then able to manage them yourself via the on-line page editor and gallery wizard. You can upload more photos into the galleries or create new galleries in seconds, and create new pages instantly whenever you need more space.