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Special Offer Voucher Module

Increase your sales and turnover by offering your customers discount vouchers.

Create special offer vouchers such as...

"Spend over £100 on print orders and get 10% off the order value"

"Spend over £50 on orders from the Smithson Wedding Gallery and get £5 off"

"Members of the Dickson family are entitled to 20% discount on orders over £75"

  • Vouchers can be defined as single, multiple or unlimited use.
  • Vouchers can be public or limited to selected user groups.
  • Vouchers can be associated to selected galleries.
  • The offers module uses a simple wizard interface for easy step-by-step creation of vouchers.
  • Offers are recorded in transactions.

No other eCommerce gallery provides the facility to setup special offers linked to selected galleries and users.