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PopIT Shop

The very latest in convenience eShopping. Our exclusive PopIT LinX feature allows you to sell any product or service on any page of your website, simply by entering a reference to the item name and price anywhere on the page. You can also include a photo of the item simply by adding the photo ID to the reference.

You can add a text field (ideal for personalised photo products) and up to three options such as Size and Colour etc. Whatever the product, you can sell it with our PopIT Shop.

This facility is the perfect solution for collecting booking deposits or session payments etc from your clients.

Orders are added to a PayPal basket, so your customers can browse your site and keep adding products at any time. When they checkout and purchase the goods, you both get an email from PayPal detailing the purchase.


PopIT Shop Examples

Please note that these products are demo samples only and they are not available to purchase.

This is the most basic of PopIT Shop buttons which you can add anywhere on your page. Ideal for selling products or services, and collecting deposit payments for photo sessions and assignments etc.
Portrait Session Booking Deposit

This example includes a photo plus a text field for the customer to enter the reference or filename of the photo they want on the mug. Ideal for selling extra value on your portraits and weddings etc.

The text field can also be used to ask for the customer name or session reference (for example: if they are paying for a photo session or deposit etc).

Photo Mugs
To add the photo of your choice to this mug simply enter the photo ref into the field below.
Custom Photo Mug
Photo Ref:

This example product comes in 3 colours, so your customers can enter the photo reference and select the colour of the bag they want.

For example: if you are selling a framed print you could add up to 3 different options, such as Frame Style, Mount Colour and Image Size, and enter as many options values as required.

Custom Photo Cosmetic Bag
To add the photo of your choice to this bag simply enter the photo ref into the field below.
Custom Photo Cosmetic Bag
Photo Ref: