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New & Exclusive PopIT Links

New PopIT LinX Adding incredible versatility to an already exhaustive features list, our latest new addition is the PopIT LinX. A new way to add information to your web pages.
Just pop it anywhere.

PopIT LinX are a special kind of link that you can place anywhere on any page (hence the name... you can PopIT anywhere). These links open a smooth & seamless window that can contain any information or image you like. These are not like ordinary popup windows, and they are not blocked by any popup blockers, so you can use them to display anything you like.

The PopIT LinX can be a standard text link like this or a Button like this.

You can also use a photo as the PopIT LinX like this..

Ideal for linking to more info such as specs and prices etc, or even for creating your own eShop with our PopIT Shop buttons like in this example. Click the photo on the right.

PopIT Pages
These are pages of imformation that can hold any text and images you like, just like a standard web page. You first create a 'hidden' page of information using the website WYSIWYG editor, adding any text and images. This 'hidden' page does not appear in your website menu, but you can add a PopIT text link, button or image anywhere in any page and your info will then appear in a PopIT window (just like the examples above).

You can even specify the size of the window which is ideal if you only have a small piece of info to display like this

PopIT Shop
The ideal way to sell any type of product or service on any of your web pages. You can even use it to collect deposit payments for photo sessions and bookings etc. Add your product photos to a gallery and a PayPal 'add to basket' button is automatically inserted using a simple reference anywhere in your web page. Click here for more details on this exclusive feature.

PopIT Images
If you just want to display a large photo or graphic then you just upload the image into your Media folders and add a PopIT LinX to it like this. The photo can be moved around the screen just like the photos in your Pro-Gallery, and you can open multiple photos.

Click on these photos to view the full-size version...

PopIT Gallery Images

Photo from the Pro Gallery

An example photo from the Pro-Gallery that has been added to this page using the thumbnail as the PopIT LinX. You can add as many photos as you like from any of your galleries.

You can display links to any individual photos in your Pro-Galleries, either as text links, buttons or thumbnails. So, you can display your best shots anywhere on your page simply by adding a reference to the ID of the photo in your gallery.

Click the thumbnail or this button View another photo here


If you just want to display the full size photo from one of your galleries directly on your page instead of a link, then you can do that as well.

PopIT Random Images
If you want to display a random photo from one of your galleries then you can even do that as well just like this example. The photo below will change each time you visit this page (or try pressing F5 on your keyboard to refresh this page).

Ideal for adding to your home page to keep it looking fresh when your visitors return to your site. You can even add random images from multiple galleries on the same page!