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F.A.Q Module

You can insert your own FAQ page just like this. The FAQ module is included as standard, so you can add it to your website whenever you like.

Portfolio Gallery Questions

Content Management Questions

Website Design Questions

Portfolio Gallery Questions

Q. How many photographs can I upload into my gallery?

Unlike many portfolio solutions we do not impose any limits on web space or bandwidth, so you can have as many photographs in your galleries as you wish.

Q. What if I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still sell my photos?

Yes, your customers will be presented with a fully completed order form that they can print and post with their cheque.

Q. Can I have a separate portfolio for my commercial work and another for my social photography?

Yes, you can have any number of portfolios, each with their own collection of galleries.

Q. Can I have a private gallery that only a select group of people can get access?

Yes, you can restrict any of your galleries to any groups of users. Only they will then be able to see those galleries when they log in. You can also restrict any pages to groups of users, so you can provide specific information such as news headlines just for those selected members.

Q. Is there a limit to the size of images I upload?

The maximum width allowed is 800 pixels which is very large indeed. However, it is advisable to resize your images to no more than 600 pixels (at 72dpi) to reduce the load times when people view them. Images greater than 800 pixes wide will be auto-resized when uploaded, but best results are obtained when you resize them first in an image editing program (PhotoShop etc).

Q. Can I have the website without the gallery?

Yes, the gallery is a module that only appears if you add it to any of your pages. So you can use the website system without having to include the gallery.

Content Management Questions

Q. How many pages can I create?

You can create unlimited pages and sub-pages as required. The navigation updates to display each new page. You can also set a page to not display while you are building it, so visitors do not see a part finished page.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of images I can have on a page?

No, you can have as many images on a page as you require, and place them in any order etc.

Q. Can I add internal page links?

Yes, just highlight the word or phrase that you want to use as a link in the editor and click the chain link button. You can then select any page you have created from a select box (for an internal link) or enter a full website url for an external web link.

Q. Is there a Newsletter Facility

Yes. This is an optional newsletter module that can be installed for £29 if required. Please ask for more details.

Q. I want to have a different set of headlines for my commercial and social photography.

Not a problem. You can have any number of different headlines appearing on any pages. You can even set some headlines to allow visitor comments.

Website Design Questions

Q. Can I design my own website?

You can submit your own design layout and we will advise if it is suitable. We may advise against using a design if, for example, it uses heavy graphics, flash or or poor navigation design. It is important that your design is efficient and user friendly (as well as search engine friendly) so that you get the best possible feedback and a positive response from visitors. A bad design can ruin your chances of success, so we will always be honest.

Q. What if I do not like your designs?

If non of our designs are suitable, then we will try to get more information and details regarding your preferences. We may ask you for reference sites that you particularly like so that we can get a better understanding of your needs.

Q. Can I change the site design after a year or so?

Yes, you may ask for a new site design (from our range of styles) whenever you like. However, there will be a charge for each design change which is currently £50.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please use our contact enquiry page.