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Events Booking Calendar

Many photographers, including photo studios and clubs, organise special paid events such as photography sessions, tuitorials, photo holidays and trips etc.

You need a simple and effective solution to display all of your forthcoming events in a calendar format to allow people to view the events details and then easily book and pay the deposit or full booking fee on-line.

Our Event Booking Calendar can be installed on any Pro-Gallery website for a single installation charge of £50.


Unlimited events
...add unlimited amount of events per day/week/month that your clients can book

Recurring Events
...create regular events that occur every week/month/year

Event booking limit
...set a booking limit for each event you add. When all available bookings are made no more people will be able to book the event.

Booking engine
...let your clients select a date and event and then submit booking form

Accept payments
...your clients will pay for the booking they make instantly using your PayPal account.

Multi Currency your currency and % for deposit payment

Email notifications
...a confirmation email is sent to the person making the booking and the administrator with full reservation details

Cancel booking
...a Cancel booking link included in the confirmation email message. Client can cancel the booking with few clicks.

Smart availability calculations
...if maximum available booking slots are reached no more people will be able to book the event

Manage bookings
...modify a reservation at any time using the password protected administration page

External language file
...edit an external plain text file to change all titles and messages on the front calendar

Colors customization
...change background, days, border, tooltip colors

Fonts customization one of the 20 available fonts to be used

Date and time format
...12 or 24 hours time format, 10 different date formats

Week starting day
...change week starting day for your calendar

No page refresh
...web page where calendar is placed will not refresh when you scroll through the months and book a reservation