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Demo File/Document Download Module

This module allows you to provide documents or other files for your visitors to download. You can offer any document type including PDF, mp3, doc, image and text files etc.

Just point the module to a folder in the website media section and it will display all the files in that folder with links to download them and the number of times they have been downloaded.

Sample Word Documentdownloads: 1172 | type: doc | size: 29 kB
This is a sample word document that could be an order form or price list etc.
Sample music filedownloads: 1011 | type: m3u | size: 0 kB
You can even upload music files for people to download and play.
Sample PDF documentdownloads: 935 | type: pdf | size: 3 kB
You can upload PDF documents which are ideal to use as brochures.