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Pro-Gallery eCommerce ~ Standard Features

Pro-Gallery eCommerce £99 for the first year

These are standard features with the
eCommerce version of the Pro-Gallery website system.

All for only £99 in the first year, and then £149 p.a

Click to view the Demo Gallery

Pro-Gallery Multiple Image Display

When print buyers and art editors are deciding on the best shots to use for a magazine or advert they will compare prints side-by-side. It is so much easier to view images like this rather than have to flick from page to page like traditional galleries.

Our Pro-Gallery is the only website gallery system that allows you to open and view multiple photos side-by-side, and drag them around the screen.

Click on multiple thumbnails and they will all open, and you can click and drag them around the screen. Perfect for comparing photos. You can use the image navigation controls or use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate through the photos. You can even start a slide-show on each image.

Thumbnails can be set to any size between 50 - 400 pixels. Larger thumbnails are ideal if you shoot wide panoramic landscapes.

Any gallery you create can be displayed as thumbnails, or as a slideshow on any page, or as a Full Screen Gallery slideshow that expands to fill even the largest of monitors. You are not limited to any one display style.

Click here to view our demo galleries.

VOUCHERS for Special Offers

Create unlimited vouchers to provide sales insentives to your customers. Vouchers can be created for selected customer groups or for general use (ideal when using advertising to promote your special offers). You can even restrict them to selected galleries to promote a select range of photos, and also set the number of times a voucher can be redeemed.

Here are just a few voucher examples that you can create...

  • Spend over £50 and get £5 off your order
  • Get 20% off when you spend over £100 in the Fine Art Gallery
  • Members of the Smith family get £10 discount when they order over £75 of prints from their wedding gallery.

Gallery Wizard

Managing your galleries is simple enough for even a child to use with our Gallery Wizard. You don't need a degree in web technology, just follow the on-screen prompts and you can upload your photos into a new gallery to display on any web page in seconds. The wizard includes help prompts at every stage, so you don't even need to read a manual to use it. We even have video tutorials to help you get started.

WYSIWYG Page Editor

Creating and editing your web pages is as simple as using any word processor. You don't need to know anything about web design or html code. Type your text directly into the editor and use the formatting buttons to add bold, italic, colours, tables and lists etc. Insert images anywhere in your page, or even paste text directly from MS Word.

Ready Made Page Layouts

All new websites come with a selection of ready-made professional page layout templates that you can use for any of your pages. Simply select the one you want and in two clicks you have a completely new page with placement text and images that you can replace with your own. This makes creating pages as easy as painting by numbers. You can even duplicate pages that you have created yourself, complete with any images, text and forms that you have added, saving repetitive typing.

PopIT LinX

This is our very special and exclusive feature that allows you to insert links anywhere in any page to popup any extra information in a seamless window. You can also insert a link (or button) to open any photo from your galleries, or display a photo selected at random. You can even display video anywhere on your pages, and add PayPal Buy Now buttons. The possibilities are endless. They also help you to reduce the size of your web pages by adding extra information in popup windows, page tabs, accordians and even coloured content panels, instead of cramming everything into one long page.

See examples of PopIT LinX in action here

Special Page Modules

If you want to add News Headlines or an FAQ page, or a Guestbook etc, then there is a page module that will do this for you. Simply select the appropriate module and it will insert it into any of your web pages. All of these features can be added at no extra cost...

  • News page module (creates a News Page with headlines & news summary)
  • FAQ page module (creates an FAQ page)
  • Guestbook module (allows visitors to leave comments)
  • Pro-Slide Show (with smooth transitions for a professional display)
  • Links page module (creates a website links page)
  • File Download module (allows visitors to download documents)
  • Site Map module (generates a site map page)
  • Enquiry Form Builder (create multiple bespoke enquiry forms)
  • Feedback form module (allow visitors to leave feedback comments)
  • Video Player (play streaming flv -Flash- video on any page)

Full Image Gallery Search Facility

The Pro-Gallery system comes complete with a full image search facility (switchable on or off). You can search on filename, title, decription and keywords.

Photo Captions, Keywords & Descriptions

You can add image titles, descriptions and keywords to each photo. If no titles are applied then the gallery displays the filename as the title (or you can hide the title). You can even update all your photo titles and descriptions in bulk from a csv file.

IPTC Image Data Import

Many photographers add captions and keywords directly to their jpeg images via the embedded IPTC data. This ensures that all their images are correctly captioned, and it saves having to keep a separate log of the data.

However, searching on this embedded data is not very efficient, especially when there can be many thousands of images. Our Pro-Gallery system automatically extracts this embedded data and adds it to the website image database, which results in faster searches.

The extracted IPTC data is then applied to the image title, description and keywords. So, if you caption all your photos before you upload them you will see all your images display their title and descriptions on your website.

Batch Renaming Facility

If you don't use the IPTC data method described above then you can also update and add titles and descriptions and keywords to all your website images by uploading a simple csv file (comma separated text file) which contains your image filename, title, description, keywords. This then updates all your images in one process.

Visitor Lightbox

You can enable/disable the lightbox facility on any portfolio (group of galleries). This allows your visitors to select their favourite images from any galleries and add them to their own lightbox. They can then leave a comment and send a link to view their lightbox to their friends via email and Facebook/Twitter etc. Each friend visiting the lightbox can then also leave their own comment, and send the lightbox to their own friends etc etc. This makes use of 'viral marketing' which can substantially increase the number of visitors to your website.

You can also use the lightbox facility to send your clients a selection of photos from their session, and include their username & password to access their private gallery. Or you can simply use it to present your latest images on Facebook & Twitter.

Auto-Watermarking (Image or Text)

You can have a free bespoke watermark image which will be auto-applied to all images uploaded into the gallery. Or you can opt for a standard text watermark which you can edit from within the admin facility.

Create Multiple Portfolios

A portfolio is defined as a collection or group of galleries, so you can create a different portfolio to display multiple galleries of each genre, eg: Commercial, Wedding, Portrait etc.. When you insert a portfolio on a web page, all of its galleries appear on that page.

Private Photographic Galleries

You can create unlimited private galleries each with restricted access to selected groups (of customers). Ideal for displaying previews and selling prints on-line for private sessions (weddings, portraits etc).

Multiple Print Size/Price Options

You can create as many print sizes and prices as you like, and setup different price ranges. So, you can have one set of prices and options for your commercial photos, and another set of prices and options for your wedding photos etc. You can even include options such as photo mugs and photo mouse mats, and setup frame styles and mount options etc etc.

Discounted Price Options

You can set discounts on any prices which are then highlighted in red in the price options, so customers can see which options are on special offer, and by how much.

Save a Basket

This unique feature allows your customers to save their basket selections for later. So, they can return another day to complete their order. Or, they can even give their basket password to another member of their family (anywhere in the World) so that they can add their own selections to the same basket before they complete the purchase. Great for getting more wedding print sales.

Payment by Cheque or PayPal

If you have a PayPal account then you can offer your customers the option to purchase prints on-line using their credit card. Customers who do not wish to use a credit card can also display their order for printing, so they can then send you their order and payment by cheque.

Customer Order History

When your customer logs in they can view their order history and re-print the order at any time. This is ideal if they have lost their order (or forgot to put paper in their printer!). It also saves any confusion over what was ordered. It also displays the status of their order.

Email Notifications of Orders

You get an email whenever anyone places an order. You can then view their order within the web admin where you can view and print the order form, display and print a delivery note, enter the despatch date and delivery ref, view the images that were ordered. You can also quickly view the customer order history and (if you have ordered the Newsletter Manager) you can add them to a news group where you can then send newsletters to your customers.

Multiple Delivery Addresses

Customers can add multiple delivery addresses to their account, so they can easily send orders to their friends or relatives. They can also add notes to their order, such as delivery instructions etc.

Auto Delivery Tariff Calculations

You can create delivery charges based on order value and delivery destination. So, you can set different charges for different countries (within UK, EEC, Rest of World etc). This also allows you to offer (for example) Free delivery for orders over £50.

Batch Upload Hundreds of Photos

Uploading images onto your website is quick and easy using our Photo Wizard Uploader, so you can upload hundreds of images in one batch. The file storage system works just like your own image folders on your computer, so you can store your photographs in web folders and then pick-and-mix them at any time to add to any of the galleries you create. This means that you can even add the same photograph to multiple photographic galleries without uploading duplicates.

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