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Mobile Phone Photo Gallery ~ FREE

There are now FOUR mobile phones to every ONE computer, so you need to make sure that your photo galleries can be viewed on any smart phone, including iPhones, and Android phones. If you don't have a mobile friendly gallery then you are losing out on customers.

Mobile internet usage grew by 267% in 2010, and research has shown that half of mobile shoppers use their phones whilst watching TV, 1 in 6 on the bus and 1 in 4 during their daily commute.

The Mobile Phone Gallery is FREE with every new website.

The photos display in the gallery with full swipe capability, so viewers can navigate through the photos using the same swipe action they are familiar with.

You can create specific galleries for display in your mobile photo gallery. This allows you to be very selective about which photos should appear in these galleries.

You can add a description with each gallery, and a general introduction. There is also a link back to your main website.

You can view our demo mobile gallery on your mobile phone now at...

HINT: If you view the demo on your computer browser,  reduce the size of your browser window to see how it will look on a small screen. The images in the mobile galleries are reduced in size for optimum viewing speed on small screens.

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