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Bob Brind-Surch Natures PhotosBob Brind-Surch Natures Photos

Having been a long time user of the Clikpic web "engine" and seen many fellow photographers struggle to do anything slightly out of the ordinary I started to look for an alternative and initially failed to find anything any better.

I am a competent computer user who understands the rudiments of HTML and am very well aware of the various website authoring packages such as Dreamweaver etc. However as a photographer first and foremost I wanted something where I could develop my site without the hassle of either learning a new software package or going back to first principles.

A friend directed me to the Click IT website but I was initially rather concerned by the seemingly limited range of template options available. Reading further however I learnt that within the basic cost they would develop a specific template and style just for me based around my individual need. All I had to do was tell them what I wanted it to look like and in my case quote examples of various other websites where I liked some particular aspect.

A few days later Click IT owner Trevor e-mailed me to tell me that he had a sample site live and to ask what I thought of it. I logged on and he had done a truly fantastic job but there were a few minor changes I wanted. A quick email exchange and these were done and the new website handed over to me to fill with content.

I started on the first pages and first galleries with some trepidation but found to my absolute delight that this was by far the easiest "engine" I had ever seen. Editing and adding content is a dream as are managing galleries and sets of photos. There is refreshingly no upper limit to the number of pages or number of photos you can have. I soon found myself easily creating individual pages to sell my services without worrying about reaching a page or photo limit.

From the outset I was keen to create quite different type of website where my photos are described by accompanying text rather than appearing in a conventional gallery, this was perfectly possible and incredibly easy. I could not have accomplished anything like this with my previous website product.

The interface you use to edit and manage the website could not be simpler and is certainly far easier and far more versatile than any I had seen previously from competitors who advertise so widely. With the package cost you also have access to first rate help desk support. In the early days if I struggled over something a quick call or e-mail to Click IT quickly elicited a response and the guidance I needed.

There are a good number of further superb facilities provided by Click IT that I have yet to explore but I know I will soon. I have the start of a superb website which I can easily and confidently manage. One where, within reason, I can create exactly the pages and content I want and have access to excellent technical support should I need it.

Since adopting it for my photos website I have recommended it to a friend who has a very different business proposition and Click IT have managed to provide her with an equally unique website with the same range of flexibility. This is a superb product and I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

Bob Brind-Surch